New Regulations

Listed below are a number of recently enacted new Wisconsin Laws. Project Fresh Light is committed to providing useful resources to addiction professionals and all others interested in the field of addiction treatment, prevention and recovery.

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Interim Guidance on Use of Seclusion and Restraints in Certified Day Treatment Programs for Children: Click here for current information regarding the Wisconsin law regarding use of seclusion, isolation, and restraints for children.

Recently Enacted New WI Laws

2005 Act 386 (Senate Bill 653) 8-06
Relating to contracts with entities to operate resource centers and care management organizations under the Family Care program...

2005 Act 407 (Senate Bill 673) 8-06
Relating to certification of substance abuse counselors, clinical supervisors, and prevention specialists and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.

2005 Act 387 (Senate Bill 391) 8-06
Relating to guardianships, conservatorships, and wards; involuntary administration of psychotropic medication; protective placements and protective services; powers of attorney for health care; durable powers of attorney; venue, residence, and county of responsibility; requiring the exercise of rule-making authority; receipt and acceptance of foreign guardianships; and providing a penalty.

2005 Act 388 (Assembly Bill 539) 8-06
Relating to adult protective services and providing penalties.

2005 Act 414 (Senate Bill 641) 8-06
Relating to authority for an off-duty peace officer to act outside his or her territorial jurisdiction and making an appropriation.

2005 Act 434 (Senate Bill 318) 8-06
Relating to the definition of sexually violent person, sexually violent person commitment proceedings, criteria for supervised release, battery by certain committed persons, escape from custody by a person who is subject to a sexually violent person commitment proceeding, and providing penalties.

2005 Act 435 (Senate Bill 409) 8-06
Relating to the definition of sexual contact and providing penalties.

2005 Act 444 (Senate Bill 226) 8-06
Relating to informed consent for minors for inpatient and outpatient treatment for mental illness and developmental disability.

2005 Act 449 (Senate Bill 650) 8-06
Relating to registration and treatment records for services for mental illness, developmental disability, alcoholism, or drug dependence, exceptions to confidentiality for treatment records, and a good faith exception to liability for release of records by a record custodian.

2005 Act 467 (Senate Bill 655) 8-06
Relating to special joint legislative committee on strengthening Wisconsin's families. df

2005 Act 485 (Assembly Bill 33) 8-06
Relating to an exception to confidentiality requirements for treatment records.