Goals of Grant

Goal 1: Establish Position
Develop a full-time position within a unit of State government to oversee and coordinate the adolescent substance abuse treatment system Statewide.

Goal 2: Link Service System
Link and coordinate with other service systems to promote comprehensive, integrated services for youth with substance abuse and / or co-occurring problems. Such service systems include mental health, health, juvenile justice, education, child welfare, and Medicaid.

Goal 3: Budget and Benefits
Coordinate the budget formulation and benefit plans (e.g., Medicaid services for adolescent treatment) of all State agencies that have responsibility for funds that may be used to support adolescent substance abuse treatment services, including screening, assessment, early intervention, treatment, family involvement in treatment, case management, and continuing care / aftercare.

Goal 4: Strategies
Identify barriers (fiscal, regulatory, and policy) that impede the adoption and provision of accessible evidence-based treatment across the full continuum of care recommended by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Devise and implement strategies, in concert with all other State agencies that may fund and / or regulate these services, to improve the access to treatment, increase capacity and quality, and expand the available continuum in communities and throughout the State implementing treatment interventions with a scientific evidence base for the population to be served.

Goal 5: Networking
Import tools, coordinate training, and support providers in the adoption of screening and assessment protocols that crosswalk to DSM-IV/ICD 10 criteria for substance abuse / dependence, mental health diagnoses, and ASAM Patient Placement Criteria, Version 2, Revised.

Goal 6: Standards
Develop / improve State standards for licensure / certification / accreditation of programs that provide substance abuse treatment services for adolescents and their families.

Goal 7: Standards
Develop / improve State standards for licensure / certification / credentialing of adolescent substance abuse treatment counselors.

Goal 8: Networking
Identify and provide linkages across the universe of discretionary federal- and foundation-funded adolescent substance abuse treatment grant programs for the purpose of supporting and disseminating learning across the State-wide treatment system and to provide assistance to ensure sustainability and adoption of best evidence-based practices identified in these programs.

Goal 9: TA
Identify, disseminate, and support training and technical assistance resources that expand the capacity and quality of adolescent substance abuse treatment throughout the State provider system, including cross-training for adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment providers.

Goal 10: Networking
Participate in and actively share learning across the community created by the States funded in this grant program to leverage training, support, dissemination, intervention adoption, and evaluation / research to improve the treatment system for youth and their families both intra-State and Inter-S tate.

Goal 11: Family Support
Promote coordination and collaboration with family support organizations to strengthen services for youth, with or at risk of substance abuse and / or co-occurring problems.

Goal 12: State-wide Provider
Facilitate the development of a Statewide provider association for adolescent substance abuse treatment across programs and for counselors engaged in providing these services, regardless of the State or local system within which they work.

Goal 13: Research
Keep abreast of the research findings related to adolescent substance abuse treatment and disseminate this information Statewide in a form that is easily digested by clinical staff, providing insight on the application of the research to improve clinical practice at the program level.