It is caring for OUR CHILDREN.

It is listening to OUR CHILDREN.

It is looking out for OUR CHILDREN.

It is supporting OUR CHILDREN.

It is a partnership of parents, treatment providers, families, county and state agencies dedicated to developing and maintaining a system that provides the best possible mental health and substance abuse treatment in Wisconsin for our adolescents.

These partnerships are supported by the following councils and advisory groups:

  • Adolescent Recovery Framework Advisory Work Group
  • Boys and Young Men's Recovery Workgroup
  • Comprehensive Community Services Youth and Children's Workgroup
  • The County Juvenile Justice Screening Initiatives
  • County System Consultants aka Judy and Carol
  • Girls and Young Women Recovery Workgroup
  • The Global Appraisal of Individual Needs Consortium (GAIN)
  • Interdepartmental/Intradepartmental Adolescent Recovery Workgroup
  • Leadership Team
  • Parent Advisory Council
  • PFL Data Management Team
  • Recovery Executive Committee
  • Representation from the Juvenile Justice Screening Pilots (POSIT)

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