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A bold new approach to treating adolescent substance abuse in Wisconsin


We want the very best for Wisconsin teenagers who struggle with substance abuse problems—the best ways of identifying and screening those in trouble with drugs, the best ways of supporting them and their families and, most of all, the best treatment to help them recover.
Goals include:

  1. Identify existing gaps and subsequent models/solutions to provide seamless services for adolescents with mental health and substance abuse issues.
  2. Creating linkages between state, local, and parent organizations facilitating positive outcomes for adolescents.
  3. Identify and support statewide integration of best practices models for screening, assessment and treatment of adolescents with substance abuse/co-occurring disorders.
  4. Develop a first comprehensive statewide directory of existing agencies serving adolescents and an information system.
  5. Establish a statewide family network to assist families in coping and obtaining appropriate treatment for their adolescent who may be suffering from a mental health and/or substance abuse issue.

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Funding for this Web site was made possible by the State Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Coordination grant from SAMHSA. The views expressed in this Web site do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government. (Grant Number: TI-H79/AT-COOR).

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What's New:

KidsFirst: The Governor's Plan to Invest in Wisconsin's Future
KidsFirst is a comprehensive agenda to invest in Wisconsin's future by improving the lives of the state's children. The plan outlines Governor Doyle's priorities to make sure children are ready for success; are safe at home, in school and in their communities; have the opportunity to be raised by strong families; and grow up healthy. The plan includes a wide range of initiatives--public-private partnerships, legislative proposals, budget priorities--that were developed in an unique collaboration of the Governor, First Lady, School Superintendent, and the secretaries of the Departments of Health and Family Services, Workforce Development and Corrections. Download the Kids' First Initiative.


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Project Fresh Light Coordinator:

Susan Endres, Project Fresh Light Coordinator
1 W Wilson St, Madison WI 53702
608-266-2476 (phone), 608-261-7800 (fax)

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